Can we bring in our own bottles?

The bottles we use are sanitized that day to ensure that your beer stays fresh and flavorful. We don't recommend using your own for the first time. If there is residue, mold, or yeast growth in the bottles, the bottles will not be sanitized and will contaminate your beer. 

What types of beers are available?

Almost every style imaginable We are always developing and perfecting recipes. Tell us what you want and we’ll help you make it.

How long does the process take?

The brew process takes about 2.5 hours; you’ll have a 3hour reservation for your kettle. Bottling is much quicker and will take an hour. 

Brewing Fun Facts

How many people can I bring to brew beer?
We find one to four brewers is perfect to provide a hands-on brewing experience!.

How much does it cost?

Costs will range from $155 for a half batch or $255 for a full batch of beer. Bottles & labels are included. 

How much does each batch make?

Each half batch will make 36, 22-oz. bottles. 3 cases

Full batch will make 72, 22-oz. bottles.          6 cases

How long will my beer stay fresh?

Beer is perishable! Craft brews do not fare well when they are stored warm. Properly stored (cold), your beer should last 3 months.  This is one more reason to brew with friends - split the batch so you’re always drinking fresher beer more often.